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More about this cartoon:
Title: Two roads diverged
Published: Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles
Date: Dec. 12, 2003
About this cartoon: Israel faces some very difficult choices in the near future: absorb millions of Palestinians in its lands and territories and either stay democratic (giving Palestinians a majority, which means no more Jewish state) or try to stay Jewish (which means not really staying a democracy). The alternative is to abandon its settlements policy and pull back to roughly pre-1967 borders, maintaining a smaller area with a higher percentage of Jews, with Palestinians outside those borders in their own state.
This is a topic of great controversy within the Jewish and Israeli communities. Many are loathe to pull back from parts of Jerusalem and Jewish-occupied settlements in the West Bank. But without such actions, the result may be many years more of the violence and terrorism and dead economy that the area has had for the past few years.
Noteworthy: The title is from a Robert Frost poem, "The Road Not Taken," a musical version of which I sang in a choir.
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