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More about this cartoon:

Title: Halls of Ivy
: Jewish Bulletin of Northern Calif. (San Francisco)
Date: Nov. 1, 2002
About this cartoon: The turmoil in the Mideast has led to an uproar in the nation's more left-wing universities, where those trying to pick an "oppressor" and an "oppressed" have decided Israel is the "bad guy" and therefore the Palestian side is "good." Some have equated the situation with apartheid-era South Africa and have called for divestiture of any Israeli investments or contacts. Others have used the taking of sides to harrass or assault Jewish students, disrupt Jewish events, vandalize Jewish signs or facilities and other such actions.
Noteworthy: This is a generalized cartoon, but there have been notably unpleasant incidents at San Francisco State University and at UC Berkeley, which are in the territory of this newspaper.

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