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More about this cartoon:
Title: Sharon Meow
Published: Ventura County Star
Date: May 30, 2003
About this cartoon: Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who'd been showing distict disinterest in the peace "road map" (and a keen interest in building new settlements), suddenly did a major about-face, decrying the occupation of Palestinian lands as unjust and unwise. His right-wing cohorts were stunned, and assailed him verbally with great fury. It remains to be seen if Sharon has a true epiphany and change of heart, or was just saying what Bush and the Palestinians wanted to hear.
Noteworthy: I was looking for a way to show someone in a close-knit group, and very much its spokesman, to appear in a highly uncharacterisitic way amongst his peers, hence the "neow" from within the group of dogs.
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