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More about this cartoon:
Title: The difference
Published: Jewish Bulletin of Northern Calif. (San Francisco)
Date: Aug. 29, 2003
About this cartoon: A particularly gruesome suicide bombing targeted an Israel bus, largely full of women shoppers and kids. Many Americans, reading about the daily Mideast carnage and attacks and retaliations tend to throw their hands up and say "A pox on both their houses," feeling there is little difference in the violence and hatred between sides. This fails to note that Palestinian attacks largely go after innocent civilians, especially young ones, in an attempt to cause maximun terror at the randomness, while Israeli counter-attacks go after the bombers, militants, plotters, trainers and other targets that directly threaten Israel. Although innocents often die on both sides, there is a clear moral difference in the intended targets.
Noteworthy: This cartoon was posted on a general-audience web site, and drew a lot of outrage (of the "how dare you ignore the Palestinian suffering and the Israeli brutality" type). Most of the writers backed down when I explained the news events behind this cartoon and my rasons for drawing it.
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