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Title: Disrespecting the Vietnam Vet
Published: Ventura County Star
Date: Sept. 2, 2004
About this cartoon: Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry's service in Vietnam came under fire by a.notorious, and denounced group called the Swift Boat Veterans, who questioned some of his heroics. This began to arouse sneers that maybe his medals were overstated, which then drew sneers that maybe Kerry actually shot himself to get his Purple hearts, which then prompted delegates at the GOP convention to wear mocking Band-Aids with little purple hearts on them. This began to strike me as disrespectful of Kerry's service in Vietnam in general (he DID serve) and as disrespectful to all Vietnam vets, who've been through a lot of disrespect over the decades.
Noteworthy: This drew howls from vets who agreed with the Swift Boat group, but praise from other vets who saw the larger point being made.

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