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More about this cartoon:

Title: Creationism
Published: Ventura County Star
Date: Dec. 19, 2004
About this cartoon: A local member of the school board reflects a growing national trend: the push to get the biblical version of Creation into public schools, alongside if not replacing the teaching of evolution, billing creationism as a "science" (even sometimes calling it "Creation science" or "Intelligent Design theory"). It doesn't fit any scientific standards, as metaphysical matters of faith are not measureable, testable or proveable in any scientific sense; meanwhile, proponents of creationism are trying to denigrate evolution as "junk science."
Noteworthy: This cartoon has generated a considerable amount of responses, most along the lines of "even evolution scientists are jumping on the creationism bandwagon" or such. Even if true, there is still the matter of trying to mess with church-state separation in schools.

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