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More about this cartoon:
Title: Dot-com coaster
: Marin Independent Journal
Date: July 28, 2001
About this cartoon: As the pundits and economists expected, the "Dot-com" boom that expanded in a frenzy starting in the late 1990s cooled down dramatically, with many tech companies going out of business. The industry swoon impacted Bay Area and Silicon Valley rental and housing prices, and in many cases prices declined (from the extremely ridiculous down to merely the pretty ridiculous). Alas, Marin County, as a desireable bedroom community, was insulated from much of the tech frenzy, so prices here failed to follow the other counties.
Noteworthy: This cartoon was drawn as an entry in a cartooning competition at the Marin County Fair, and won a Blue Ribbon for best cartoon on Bay Area themes. It was published in the IJ after the contest has been concluded.
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