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More about this cartoon:
Title: Peripheral Canal
: Daily News of Los Angeles
Date: April 29, 1982
About this cartoon: A decidedly Southern California perspective on the proposed Peripheral Canal project, despised by Northern California. The massive project would have diverted water from the Sacramento/San Joaquin delta region and sent it to residential users in So. Cal and to agricultural users in the Central Valley. An odd-bedfellows combination of environmental and agribusiness concerns (concerned about too many environmental rules) defeated the controversial plan.
Noteworthy: Although this cartoon is heresy in the Bay Area, where I now live, I thought it was the best cartoon on the subject from an L.A. viewpoint. San Francisco's water is imported long-distance, via a series of aqueducts, from the Yosemite Valley in a plan that would never fly in today's far more evironmentally-conscious days, not entirely unlike the setups that transport water long-distance by aqueduct to Los Angeles.
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