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More about this cartoon:

Title: Cartoonist logs
Published: AAEC web site
Date: Dec.12, 2005
About this cartoon: The Los Angeles Times, pushed by its parent company the (Chicago) Tribune, axed its Pulitzer-prize winning editorial cartoonist for political and economic reasons, then eliminated the position for the future as well. The Tribune's Baltimore Sun, which a year earlier had two staff editorial cartoonists, forced out its remaining prize-winning editorial cartoonist, then eliminated that position for the future as well, and other Tribune newspapers pressured their cartoonists. Faced with these and many other eliminations of cartooning jobs in recent years, the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists declared "Black Ink Monday," a collection of over 100 online cartoons, as a quiet protest against the assault of a time-honored and publicly-popular area of jornalism.

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