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More about this cartoon:
Title: San Francisco Examiner sold
Published: unpublished
Date: Summer 2000
About this cartoon: The Hearst Corporation did the unthinkable: it sold its flagship paper, the San Francisco Examiner -- the paper that William Randolph Hearst began his empire with -- in order to buy the rival San Francisco Chronicle. The U.S. Justice Department would approve the deal only if The Hearst Corporation sold the Examiner to keep it going as a competitor. Hearst finally sold it to the local Fang family, which put out a lightly-regarded semi-weekly that was often used as a platform for political vendettas, in a strange, controversial deal in which Hearst would subsidize its new competitor for 3 years.
Noteworthy: I worked as a temp artist for the Examiner in 1999 and for the Chronicle in 2000. this cartoon was offered to various publications but was never published to my knowledge, although it was posted online.
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