Steve Greenberg’s most recent awards and noteworthy news

Comic strips: I've updated this section and added my pieces for Mad magazine and my Los Angeles comic strip, "Southlandish."
Cartoon Movement:
The Cartoon Movement, (, a spin-off of the Video Journalism Movement out of The Netherlands, launched in mid-December 2010. It is a new global forum for editorial cartoonists from around the world that hopes to redefine, and become a new business model for, freelance cartooning. I was the first American cartoonist they asked to participate.
Media coverage:
New articles involving Steve Greenberg and new photgraphs are up in the Media/Press section.

Recent Awards:
July 2010: Honorable Mention in the national AltWeekly Awards.
June 2010: Winner for Cartooning in the Southern Calif. Journalism Awards, presented by the Los Angeles Press Club.
June 2010: Winner of 2010 Rockower Award for editorial cartooning from the American Jewish Press Association

Aug. 2008:
A national finalist in the "Science Idol" competition sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists, to call attention to political interference with science.
Aug. 2008
: Certificate of Achievement, 2008, in the California Newspaper Publishers Association Better Newspapers Contest
April 2008: A national runner-up in the Fischetti Editorial Cartoon Competition (behind this year's Pulitzer Prize winner, and tied with another Pulitzer Prize winner)
Jan. 2008: Citation for Excellence in the 2007 United Nations Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award. For information, click here.

Book: Revised and updated! My first book, "Fine-Tooning the Planet", a collection of environmental editorial cartoons, is now out. For details, click here.
Judaica fine art:: This is a new endeavor, producing fine-art tiles (as well as being available as t-shirts, coffee mugs and other daily items). See here for info.

Frequently Asked Questions (or not-so-frequently asked ones)

Can I post your cartoons on my web site?
NO, not without express permission from me to do so! In some cases there may be conditions if permission is granted.
It is NOT okay to lift my artwork (or anyone else's for that matter)... this work is NOT in the piblic domain (being online does not automatically make anything public domain, only publicly viewable). Piracy will result in action being taken, including possible legal action.

Can we reprint your work in a print publication? Is there a fee to do so?
Quite possibly, but only with express permission from me to do so. A reprint fee is generally asked, though I may waive it under certain circumstances.

I need to write a report on cartooning, or to learn about the field.
Try going to my LINKS page. Of potential help are the National Cartoonists Society site and (under Professional Organizations), and the Cartoonists Fountain of Knowledge and Stu’s comic strip connection (under Additional Resources: Cartooning). At some point I may try to add my own cartooning information section.

Are you available to handle a drawing assignment from my company or /publication?
Yes, I take on freelance assignments as time permits. Please contact me directly to discuss assignements and rates.

Do you do a comic strip?
No, although I've done several proposed strips that did not get picked up for publication. A sampling is here.

How come I’ve never heard of you?
I'm primarily an editorial cartoonist, and have never been syndicated, so I lack national visibility. My career has been in daily newspapers on the U.S. West Coast (Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco metro areas), but generally these have been the number two (or lesser) papers in each metro area.

Weren’t you with Editor & Publisher magazine?
I freelanced cartoons for them every week for three years (1995-98). They eliminated the editorial cartoon feature as part of a redesigned look for the magazine, although my cartoons were very well received while I was doing them.

Do you have a book of your cartoons out?
Yes! See this link!.

What do you draw with? Do you use a computer?

I draw in ink on paper, using various pens (the Uniball Vision Micro by Sanford, the Micron Pigma series by Sakura and the Splash brush-pen by Yasutomo are the curent ones used). The cartoon is scanned into a Macintosh computer, where I add shading (and sometimes lettering), do clean-up, and make it into an electronic file for publication.

Who built this web site?
I designed and built it, teaching myself from scratch, primarily with an old version of Dreamweaver. It took about ten months from start to first posting, partly due to all the learning needed and partly due to the large number of images and notes about each.

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