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Environmental graphics

Recent graphics

Water-saving rebates
"Bottom Line" graphics, Burbank
"Bottom Line" graphics, Glendale

On-deadline business graphics
Reusing methane from landfills
Industrial lighting graphic 1
Industrial lighting graphic 2
Communications system
Ventura stylized venue map

Ventura County Star, 2002-2008

Head-on train crash

Metrolink train derailment
Rainwater harvesting
Fire and earthquake maps
Air Force One, Reagan Library Half-page
LAX terminals
How dialysis works with animated link
Household pollutants

Athletes' spinal injuries
Knee ACL injuries
California water system
Liquefied Natural Gas

World Trade Center collapse Full-page
Sri Lanka Half-page
Peripheral artery disease
Stem-cell adaptation (humorous)
Wind wing aerofoil design
Winery map with illustrations
Griffith Observatory remodel
Tangerine packing process

Biosolid sludge processing

South Coast housing costs Full-page
Ventura County Fair (cartoon map)
Deep brain stimulation surgery
Water purification
Water softeners
Tanker crash on freeway
Storing frozen embryos
Home seismic safety
Freeway seismic safety
Blind thrust fault
Santa Ana winds
Lead hazards from shooting ranges
Police shooting schematic
Rebuilding a Highway 101 bridge

Marin Independent Journal, 2000-2001
Marin commute
Marin wetlands
Intubation tube

Strawbale house
Marin developable areas
San Quentin prison SND Award winner
Dialysis process
Lenticular 3D display
Booster seats for kids
Bolinas Lagoon disappears

San Francisco Chronicle, 2000
Robotic parking
Earth freeze/fry
Genetic cancer
Quake test
Volcanic life

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, through 1999


Seattle parking

Oyster areas

Marysville crash

Civic Center plaza
Wallingford shooting
Flight recorder

San Francisco Examiner, 1999
SF traffic mess
Flying illusions
Easy divorce

Page design and layout
Daily Pilot news
Daily Pilot sports
Daily Pilot news 2
Daily Pilot sports 2
Glendale News-Press1
Glendale News-Press2
South Coast housing costs
Business Journal 1
Business Journal 2
World Trade Center collapse
Bolinas Lagoon disappears
San Quentin prison
Opinion page "The N Word"
Postcard design & layout

Newsletter design & layout

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Logos, icons and design

Toy companies graphic
Business publication graphics

Icons on cable TV broadcasting
Washinton state imports chart
Industrial lighting numbers chart
Chinese New Year calendar
Small icons for newsletters
Logos and icons for a few businesses

Neuroscience education poster

LemonFest poster
'60s Summer of Love swirl graphic

Fall back logo

Judaica icons and graphics
Jewish Film Festival

Shalom-Peace design/logo
"Happy Hanukkah" design/logo


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