Animated cartoons
These are cartoons done mostly as exercises in learning animation and as samples of my doing so. Some of these also have a print version so that they can be seen other than via online. These are all GIF animations (until I start working in Flash), so that while the file sizes are larger, no special software is needed to see these.
All cartoons on this site are copyright by either Steve Greenberg or the publications of their appearance, and may not be reposted, reprinted or reused without permission. Nothing on this site is in the public domain.

Bush Cheney (Election 2000) (big file), summer 2000
Calif. power crisis (rollover animations)
summer 2001
Clinton lust, Bush lust
summer 2001
American Dream
late summer 2001
Airport security and terrorism
Sept. 2001
Happy Hanukkah! Dec. 2004
Sports cliches 2005

Getting Zell out of the Tribune Co. Aug. 2009 new
M.L. King Hospital, L.A.
Aug. 2009 new
L.A. regional transit system Nov. 2009 new