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NEWEST cartoons from 2022
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I VoteD Election Fall 2022
Liberty Wheel Spin Election Fall 2022
Freedom, so they say
Guns vs. Abortions (updated)
Replacement Theory Tiki Torches
The Underground Railroad animated
Fossil Fuel's Revenge
The Red And Blue Abortion Map

Local News Candles
Putin's Threat
Brutality And Maybe GOP Inspiration
Ukraine: The Common Thread
Circling The Wagons Yet Again
The West Supports Ukraine
The Road To Ukraine
Megadrought In The West
Supreme Courrr-runch!

Self-Driving Cars
COVID Affects One's Vision
Jan. 6 Signs then and Now

2021 cartoons
Mass-Shooting-a-Day Calendar
Manchin Stocking Stuffer
Republican Democracy Bomb
Coat Hanger Symbol
American Manufacturing animated
Thanksgiving For Animals
Teen Rites Of Passage
Earth Stove 2021
Republican Vampire Squid
Critical Race Theory
Fire Up the Grill
True Patriot Checklist
Bipartisanship animated
Covid Religious Exemption Request
Abortion Definition (updated)
Earth in Crisis animated
Self Checkout
Garbage In, Garbage Out animated
Sucking Up the Housing
We Are Amerigun animated
Mitch Madness
A.I. Consequences
Taking off the masks

GOP Acronym animated
Chauvin Trial legal scoreboard
Anti-Asian Hate
Endless Cycle animated
GOP neck-choke
Biden stove
Vote Suppression Walls
Democrats' Chain of Command
Trump's COVID 200,000
Democracy flushed
Impeachment defenses
Jewish Space Lasers
Elephant Roll animated
Transition Stains
Trump's Day from Hell

Pardons and medals, anyone?

2020 cartoons
A COVID Christmas
Mitch the Reaper
Transition Salt
The Peach and the Pit
Virus Front-line workers
Biden and the Malignancy
Divided Flags
Vote for One!
Fox News, Sinclair and Trump
California fire deed
GOP light bulb
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The Salute
Alternate realities
The West burns
The Goalie
Wonderful World
WWI mask wearing
Trump goes postal
The Harvest
Hate platforms
Secret Police
Vote suppression animated
Supporting the troops
Black jobs
Police them-vs.-us flag
Warning-Danger animated
Trump the Fireman
Police Exposure
Opening the blender
Viral cards
Coronavirus blame animated
Liberty or Death
Paycheck-paycheck-virus animated
California Landmarks
GOP virus stealth

Prayer and hygiene
Coronavirus physics animated
Masked hero
Afghanistan turban

Trump acquitted
Mideast deal of the century
Kobe Bryant

Iran: what's worse?
PG&E blackouts animated

Impeachment animated

2019 cartoons
Supporting Trump no matter what
Netanyahu gears
Newsom-Trump gas
Throwing Kurds under the bus
Facial recognition technology
Future GOP books
Recycling system broken
The Incite House
Russia's useful idiots
Disloyalty and Jews
David Koch
Trump Liberty Statue
Artificial Intelligence

Mad magazine as it was to end
Kushner-Trump Mideast plan
Concentration camp kids
Backstreet comeback
Car culture then and now
Extinctions on a mass scale
Trillions and trillions
Census question
Abortion scales
Cannabis and banking
Inferior Secretary

Abortion obstacle course
Nepotism university
New Zealand massacre
North Korea and nuke dealings
Trump's emergency declaration

Calif. bullet train and Trump
Anti-Zionism/Semitism arrows
Florida golfing
Gavin Newsom torch
Howard Schultz
Govt. shutdown count
Border wall price tag

New Year's babies
Blame for climate change

California matchbook
Republican lunch counter
Keep your friends close
Paycheck to paycheck

Israel "nation-state" law
Make America... cap
California fire, the new normal
The "Unless" Flags
Statue of Cruelty
Car Wars

Scott Pruitt
Extreme Court
Jeff Sessions and marijuana
Census question on citizenship
Trump coastal drilling platforms
Propaganda TV and Sinclair
Ryan the Reaper
Trump board game
Consumer sharks

Student walkouts vs. the NRA
Rinse and repeat shootings
Facebook shake
Circling the GOP wagons
California legal marijuana

2017 cartoons
Twitter and teamwork
Sexual predators
#MeToo kneeling

Tax cut wonder
Las Vegas sniper
Mass shooting map
Puerto Rico devastation response
Who By
Teeing up catastrophe
DACA Dreamers
Native habitat of Trump
Trump's neutrality
Homeless slide
The upside of Trump

Jared Kushner and Mideast
Trump policy chart
House "American Health Care Act"
Trump match
Farmworker housing shock
Blabber bomb
Wanted gangster
Saudi seat at U.N.
A hug for Duterte
Neil Gorsuch
Planned Parenthood under attack
Arts sculptor
The budget finger

Media bed spotlight
Betsy DeVos
Trump Organization chart
Holocaust Day and Trump
Women's rallies against Trump
Presidential eclipse

Smell of success in Syria

2016 cartoons
The swearing-in
Trump red flags
Roaches of anti-Semitism
Standing Rock
Trump transition team
Social media toxins
You Dopes!
The Scream
You COULD vote...
The leech
Changing GOP symbol

The Dog Whistle
Trump and Russia
Black Lives Matter
Hillary's card and Trump's game
Elie Wiesel
Shooting blame and math
Glass Ceiling
Hyperloop and bullet train
Memorial graves
Witch doctors
ISIS Paradise

Break glass for environment
Trump and North Korea
Scalia unanimous decision

Trump's bus, Bernie's car
Marijuana law conflicts in Calif.
Guns vs. abortions
Homeless housing first

Cartoons from 2015
Mass shootings of 2015
Earth stove
Trump's patches
Objects in mirror

San Bernardino terrorism
Infinite war against terror
Obama-Netanyahu relations
Eiffel tower attacks
LBJ vs. Paul Ryan
Ben Carson
Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump
Planned Parenthood attacks
U.S. healthcare system

Mine pollution
Republican barbecue
Judgment day for trophy hunters
Iran weighs its options

Gay marriages upheld
Shooting in black church
GOP orthodoxy on climate change

Terminally ill off switch
Oil drilling shill

Land of opportunity
TransPacific Trade pact

ISIS recruiting poster
Nuke deal handshake

GOP senators' letter to Iran
Netanyahu's Obama bomb
Keystone XL pipeline
Boehner's Netanyahu invitation
The Shining City
Jobs for ISIS
Saint Junipero Serra
Charlie Hebdo attack
Jerry Brown, term 4

The Rapture
Wedding cales across the U.S.

Anti-terrorism treadmill
Radical Islam coexisting
European broken glass
Iraq flypaper
Newspapers cast adrift
Hamas Iron Dome
Hole dwellers
Gaza blockade
Corporate faith
Iraq Syria scoreboard
Climate faith
America's religion
Veterans Administration
Paul Ryan, boy scout
Gay discrimination
Kerry Sisyphus
Keystone XL firetruck
Political speakers
California drought
Obamacare cubicle
Beatles anniversary
Egypt's recent history
Pete Seeger passes
Target stores watching
Texting evolution

Your Country on Dems, GOP poster, 2012

2013 cartoons
The road ahead for 2014

Food Stamp Committee
Peace deal with Iran
Eternal flames in DC
Nelson Mandela
Re-elect the bums
Gov. shutdown Teahadists
The Wealth Tilt
Number One for prisoners
GOP cheating
Call with Iran's Rouhani
Obamacare rollout "oyy"
The Syria corner
Newspaper scissors
Housing Bubble 2
GOP traction
Arab Spring redefined
Gay marriage ruling
Death of privacy
Political border crossing
Fracking No See
Earth CO2 alarm
Endless marathon
The Sequester Wreck
Housing prices UP
Fiasco Accomplished
GOP core values

Abortion coat hanger
Forever stamps
Gaza War picture
Standard & Poor

Mayan calendar doom
GOP barfly
Obama re-elected

The choice for many, many years

Breast cancer awareness
Romney's non-taxpaying 47 percent
Afghan soldiers turn on allies
Mitt Romney's tax returns

Flip side of the 4-years question
Neil Armstrong
The GOP dark alley
Romney picks Paul Ryan for VP

Mitt Romney's Israel trip

Olympics Minute
2nd Amendment
Voter ID card
Dime's worth of difference
Calif. bullet train coaster
Fukushima fallout
Supreme Court healthcare ruling
Obama, Romney signs
Border policies
Space X private spaceflight
Derivatives bet
Earth frogs
Healthcare: Ahhchoo!
Campaing buttons for 2012
To bomb or not...
Economic justice
Romney 1 percent
Nuanced on Iran
Assad fortress in Syria
The weightlifter
Voting whites

2011 cartoons
Arab Winter
Occupy gears
Occupied America
Flat tax
SoCal housing prices
Pendulum and Syria
Iran and nukes
G.O. Pee
Medical marijuana conflict
Bank of America fees
Israel-Hamas prisoner swap
Steve Jobs dies
Remembering 9/11
The 9/11 scar
Calif. bullet trains
GOP House and U.S. default
Rupert Murdoch
Space shuttle final mission
Koch brothers' water boy
Gay marriage
Watching you
Afghanistan war monument

Sarah Palin packed for a run
Newt Gingrich
Lance Armstrong doping
Palestinian road work
Osama bin Laden killed
MLBaseball grabs the Dodgers
Assad and Syria crackdown

Trickle-down economics

Nuclear plant jitters
Libyan crude
AT&T covets T-Mobile
Triangle Fire anniversary
Corporate Tea Party
Union-busting governors
Sphinx celebrates
Mideast flames spread
Mubarak's volcano
G.O.P. jihadist
Violent rhetoric
ML King Jr. Day
Arizona's symbol
In Guns We Trust
Computer virus valor

Latinos & GOP
Homeless at Christmas
Jerry Bown Then & Now
Obama & compromise
The Wealth Gap
Don't Ask or Don't Act?
START treaty
The man with everything
Common ground-zero
Flat Earth Society

Thanks for government
GOP's big win and voters
Jerry Brown returns
Don't ask, don't tell
Republican cleanup
Calif. Prop. 23
Opening the mudgates
Breast cancer
Salary pyramid
Calif. kicks the can
Pledge to America
Meg Whitman millions
Labor Day
Prop. 8 waiting game
Ground Zero Mosque
Prop. 8 overturned
Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon

Job benefits rope
American greatness
Meg and Carly
Flotilla charade
Israel image response
Jurassic Fuels
Iranian stalling

SoCal oil platforms
Gulf oil spill and Palin
Arizona law & Calif.

Goldman Sachs
The Iran Clock
Tea Party

Poor & environment
African rape
Health care reform passes

The Biden crunch
Calif. jobless tsunami
Toyota scream
Anthem rate hikes
Tomb of gay soldiers
Old jobs, new jobs
GOP big tent door
Independent bookstores
Red-light cameras
Iran nuclear abilities
Toyota woes
Hope vs. jobs
Connections and people
Corporate megaphone
Newspaper mega-mergers
Teddy's Senate seat
Haiti earthquake
Iran crackdown
Calif. social servies


Health care reform
Abbas crumbling
Warming hoax?
Afghanistan coin flip
Agricultural land
9/11 justice system
Arnold's Plumbing
Swine Flu vaccines
GOP benchwarmers
Wrong or wrong
Iran's missile tests
SoCal housing and jobs
Ahmadinejad denials

Civil discourse
Cheney the CIA and torture
Ted Kennedy
Lockerbie bomber release
Health care fear
Who Shall Live?
Cash for Clunkers
Gays & Obama Admin.
Runaway film production
Iran violence crackdown
Closing libraries
Calif. safety net
Obama outreach to Muslims
Manny Ramirez
Swine Flu
Pakistan control of nukes
Fossil fuels
Phil Spector convicted
Blaming the poor

Space debris
Lifting the stem cell ban

Obama's mega-deficit

Newspapers crumble
Ticket sales ripoffs
Obama's first jobs
Counting the homeless
Obama inauguration, MLK
George W. Bush's
Newspaper circulation
Mexico drug violence
Terrorism in India

Older cartoons

Eclipse on Global Warming
Obama's economic challenge
Elevator Dow
Knocking for aid

Bailout reward
The bailout
Financial bust
Putin and Georgia
Gas prices roosting
Gas hits $4 per gallon
Consumer crunch
Diesel prices

Real estate, retail woes
Oil price torture
Benazir Bhutto killed

Real estate market
Writers' strike
ARMs and foreclosures
Chinese goods

Gas price complaints

Michael Jackson verdict

Soaring gas prices

Oil price yo-yo

Saudi weapons
Cartoon gas price physics
Curbing Mideast oil

Time Warner Cable
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Exiting Iraq
Iraq Exit
Mental health & troops
Cornered in Iraq
Iraq black hole
Smugness in Iraq
Troops to stay in Iraq
Petraeus report
Carrying Iraq
Withdrawal from Iraq
Rebuilding Iraq
Withdraw or surge?
Surge, purge
Troop surge for Iraq
Handing over Iraq
The cost of the Iraq war
Making terrorism worse
Iraq Study Report
U.S. death toll in Iraq

Fiasco in Iraq
Endless tour of duty
Keeping Iraq spinning
Tours of duty in Iraq
2000 casualties in Iraq
Faulty intelligence
Billion dollar baby
Democracy in Iraq

Pandora's bottle in Iraq
Bringing voting to Iraq

Iraq and Iran
Scary numbers
Shot an arrow
The Iraq handoff
Tethering Saddam
Prisoner abuse in Iraq
Abuse vs. American values

The capture of Saddam Hussein
Faulty WMD intelligence
Spin, spin, spin
Deja Vu, the Sequel
Iraq OIL
Songs of Piece
One-track mind

For Dad
Saddam Hussein falls
Thanks, now go home

Building a better Iraq
Postwar checklist report
Election '08
Obama elected
McCain and age
Obama endorsements
Sarah Palin for Veep
Obama nominated
Bush Light

Fiscal conservatives
Obama nomination
Democrats' civil war
McCain's running mate
Clinton-Obama choice
GOP candidates & Reagan