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Environment Environment This is an area of great interest to me. Besides within my newspaper jobs, my environmental cartoons have appeared in Sierra, Environment, High Country News and other publications, and cartoons on overpopulation won the 1994 Global Media Award, presented during the U.N. Population Conference.


Biden hot stove
The West Burns
Calif. Fire Deed
Newsom-Trump Gas

Recycling system broken
Mass extinctions
$ Trillions and trillions
Inferior Secretary
Florida golfing
Blame for climate change
Car Wars
Scott Pruitt
Trump coastal drilling platforms
Break glass
Climate faith
Earth Stove
Keystone XL pipeline
Earth CO2 Alarm
Plastic bags

Frogs in hot water

Drill, baby!

Koch brothers' water boy
Population rocket
Earthday cake
Invasive species
Sustainablity and our kids
Capturing wind
Flat Earth Society
World fisheries
Methyl iodide
Jurassic Fuels
SoCal oil platforms
Gulf oil spill & Palin
Poor & environment
Population train
Warming hoax?
Dumping clunker cars
Methyl bromide
Fossil fuels

Eclipse on Global Warming
Endangered howls
Coastal drilling
Bush's bold step
Bottled water
Sonar and whales
Arctic warming monument
GMO ark
Calif: Bring water
So long to LNG plan
Global Warming crime scene

Scientists & Warming
Seafood species collapse
California & global warming

Global Warming action
Offshore oil push
Inconvenient Truth/ global warming
Gas price complaints
Science curriculum
National forest drilling
Global warming
Roadless area policy
Energy policy gusher
Pope-ulation concern

chain poison
Building in flood plains
Emissions and Calif. law
Oil leases off Calif. coast
Forest-thinning proposal

Oil tanker sinks off Spain
Arctic Wilderness drilling vote
California coastal access

Air quality enforcing
Domestic bio-chem threats
Save the Planet sign
Overfishing the oceans
Pumas and habitat
Gas additive MTBE
Mars rover, life on Mars
Calif coastal visions
What global warming?
LNG facilities
Declining birds
Future zoo

2002 and earlier cartoons
A is for...
Amphibians disappearing
Be fruitful and multiply
Beef chart (updated)
Bush national park plan
Bush's family resemblance

Columbia River ills
Concerns cancelling out
Congratulations, it’s another...
Crazy Sam’s Discount House
Dangers of meat
Dead and dying trees
Dinosaur disasters
Earth apple
Earth alternatives

Earth Day photo-op

Electric cars

Endangered Species Act
Endangereds, Sen.Slade Gorton
Fish ladder
Gale Norton & self-regulation
George Bush energy policy

Greenhouse gases
Hanford, WA radiation
Headwaters Forest
Hearts and Minds, Cheney-Bush
Inflow, outflow
Just some moderate relaxation

Lifecycle of a tree
Mankind’s love for Earth
Oil war is over
On a Clearcut Day...
Population alarm clock

Population partial eclipse
Reuse it or...
Salmon crime scene
Single-hull containers
Sounds of the wilderness
Spotted owl
Spotted owl, logging concern
Test ban treaty
U.S. not of this world
Weekend getaway
Which group can save us?
World wildlife habitats
SUV hippo standards

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Nuclear waste in oceans

Singing in the acid rain
Surf's up!
Toxic and nuclear waste
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Whales and Watt
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