Jewish concerns These are cartoons on Israel and Mideast issues, on anti-Semitism/Holocaust topics, and on Jewish cultural themes. They were drawn for both mainstream publications and for the Jewish press, including the Jewish Journal of L.A. Newest cartoons are on the left.


NEWER cartoons from So. Calif.
Goldstone's retraction
Spring violence
Triangle Fire anniversary
Cold peace with Egypt

Mideast flames

Debbie Friedman obit

Computer virus valor

Common ground-zero
Religions and humor
The Sphinx watchman
Loyalty oath
Expanding settlements
Mideast Sisyphus
Israel conversion law
Oliver Stone
Bibi-Obama chill
Flotilla charade
Israel image & flotilla

Iranian stalling
The Iran clock
Holocaust survivor poverty
Passover knight
The Biden Crunch
Ultra-Orthodox rules
Pope Pius XII
Iran's nuclear lineup
2009 cartoons:
Abbas crumbling
Muslim psychiatrist
Islamization of Europe
Kristallnacht 2009
Goldstone Report
Loneliest envelope
Gilad Shalit
Presidential medal
Settlements dialogue
Madoff and the devil
Eternal symbol of Jewish people
Obama reaches out to Muslims
U.N. Racism conference
Nuclear war head theater
Passover matzah 2009
Netanyahu's house
Israel & the media war
Obama's first jobs
Gaza destruction
Gaza ceasefire ends
2008 cartoons:
Madoff pyramid scheme
Rahm Emanuel
Liberman's wanderings
U.S. vs. Israel elections
Sarah Palin
Olmert's head

Rockets in Gaza
Olmert steps down
Hostage deal card
Israeli soldiers found dead
Mideast on the brink
Hamas anniversary
Bush-Olmert stature
Obama and race
Yeshiva shooting
Radio Sderot
Tom Lantos
Power supply into Gaza
Gaza border breach
Iran roses
Iran nuke program or not?
Bush's Mideast trip
2007 cartoons:
A non-nuke Iran?
Hanukkah deer
Muslim explosions
Annapolis summit
Persian rug
The Neighborhood
Dividing up Jerusalem
Ahmadinejad in NYC
Madonna in Israel
Rosh Hashana, 2007
Abbas-Olmert talks
The West Bank
Six-Day War anniversary
Hamas takes over Gaza
Nazi records opened
Olmert's sinking polls
Liviu Librescu
Passover 2007
Israel political scandals
Candles for kidnapped soldiers
2006 cartoons:
Holocause denial by Iran
Jimmy Carter book
UN troops in Lebanon
Syria/Iran diplomats
Munich's new synagogue

Hamas "leadership"
Don't vote Democrat
Recognizing Israel
All quiet in Lebanon
Lebanon war draw

Worldwide Jihad
Indiscriminate bombings
Mel Gibson
Passover wine
Hezbollah hiding
Syria, Iran and Israel
Gaza Qassam rockets

Israel strikes Hamas/Gaza
Magen David Adom
Latin antisemitism
Two security fences
University campus hatred
Iran peaceful nuke program
Solidarity against Hamas
U.S. ports and Arabs
Iran nuke president
UN response to Iran

Radical Islam desk calendar

Danish cartoons & Islam
Hamas wins election
Ariel Sharon void

Sharon-Peres centrism
2005 cartoons:
A "contiguous" state
Photos of terrorist families

Sukkot and shelters
Arab anti-Semitism
Fairfax Avenue
Simon Wiesenthal
Rosh Hashana iPod
Gaza without Jews
Leaving Gaza

Rafah Gaza gate
Terrorist news
Demographic blackout
Palestinian state protests
Holocaust and Darfur
Israel's birthday

Abbas cracks down
Abbas' victory decisions

Mideast peace moves
Mideast card house
A gooder Israel
Syria's pullback

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2004 cartoons:
Gaza Settlers' choices
Celebrate 350 years
Arafat dies

Jewish voters and Dubya
Gaza exit
Pro-settlement protest

Israel's Fence-me-in

Arafat's dictionary
Kabbalah and Madonna
Palestinian sports team
Breed Street Shul, L.A.
Rosh Hashana blimp

Jewish community centers
Media bias
Chabad houses spring up
Holocaust survivors
Jump-start to peace
Making Israel safer

Beautiful Judaica tiles and art, plus
other items based on my Jewish-related cartooning!

Cartoons from 2003 and older:
Another peace step forward

Arafat’s return
Austria regrets
Barak and Arafat

Bashar Assad takes over in Syria
Farrakhan graffiti
Hanukkah, explained
Hanukkah explained full-page
Holding downthe fort in Lebanon
Holocaust hourglass
It's time to stand up
Jordan and the West Bank
King Hussein of Jordan obit
Lieberman nominated

Mideast (peace) cooking
Mohel candidate

Netanyahu the Amazing
Netanyahu casting a light

New millennium
Peace talk walls
Peace with Jordan

Pope apology to the Jews
Promised land, promises

Rabin parts the settlements
Shabbat (Web illustration)
Shalom (Web illustration)
Shalom3 (Web illustration)
Shamir government falls
Shamir’s path
Shultz peace formula

Tis the season
Trees of Life (environmental)
Yitzhak Rabin obit

The Eternal Flame
Two Palestinian states

Western Wall neighbor

Bush at bat in the Mideast
Arafat takes action
Passover matzoh bite politics

Christian theme park opens
Rights for Arabs too
The daily bleak news on TV
World Trade Center Kaddish
Uncle Sam and Israel
Red Cross, Red Crescent
Hanukkah miracles 2001
Bulldozers and stones
Waiting in the wings in Palestine
The varying paths
Saudi peace proposal
Sharon, the hard-liner
Palestinian flow chart

Arafat's kaffiyah
Hamas win-win deal
Arafat in control of West Bank

Pillars of a Palestinian state
Lieberman campaign ends
Europe then and now
Relatives at Passover (illustration)
Converts to Judaism
Happy Hanukkah (animation)
Mideast Road Map
Powell and the Road Map
A map but no road
A meow among dogs
Abbas crossing guard
Individual bombers
Mideast Road Map cliff
The Difference
Arafat's right-hand man
Two roads diverged
Israel's security fence
Mad Cow Disease
Mel Gibson's "The Passion"
Mideast gravestones
The dove and the shofar
The risk of a U.S.-Iraq war
Halls of ivy
Ariel Sharon reelected
Ilan Ramon
Never far from the surface
Rattle rattle rattle
Steps from peace to hate

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Vintage mid-1980s and older cartoons
Anwar Sadat obit
Arabian Express
Begin in the desert
Begin steps down
Entebbe raid
Farrakhan and Jackson
God back in school

Hitler Diaries
Camp David accord
Mideast doors
Southern Lebanon exit door